Feng Yunqing turned pale and smiled coldly at Ji Yueruo. "Thank you for waking up. It seems that I can never go back to Ancheng!"

If Ji Yue was so angry, her eyes stared at Feng Yun and she trembled for half a ring, unable to speak.
Fengyun looked at her coldly and shook her head. "It’s really not afraid of God, and opponents are afraid of pigs. It’s hard for teammates like Zhang Qianqian to win if they find you!"
She said and turned away, trying to keep a slave posture.
However, her hands were trembling under her sleeves, and generate felt a suffocating pain from her heart. How did she manage to calm herself down?
If Ji Yue was not angry with her, she gasped, "No, no, this woman can’t wait any longer without necessities …"
She hates Fengyun as much as she is jealous of Fengyun.
What’s so good about this woman besides her good life? One and both are so protective of her?
She was shivering there, watching Fengyun slowly go away, but there was nothing she could do.
You can’t beat or scold her. If Ji Yue feels so wronged for the first time.
All the way back to Wangfu, she couldn’t help falling down at the gate.
The maids hurriedly came to help her. She was calm there for half a ring, and her eyes overflowed with tears, which made her feel much better.
She smiled weakly. "Is my mother-in-law still in Chu Palace?"
The maids shook their heads respectfully and replied, "Queen Hui moved back to the palace yesterday!"
Fengyun nodded and went back to the ink-dyed porch alone. She looked at the table and set cakes and showed her eyebrows slightly puckering.
If I remember correctly, Xiao Linchu hated her eating in bed, but this cake was the only exception.
Even if she doesn’t want to eat, he will break it and feed it to her mouth, and after every bed exercise.
She turned pale, clasped her hands and reached for the cake with trembling hands, then grabbed a piece of cake in her palm and hurriedly turned and walked towards the palace.
When I arrived at Zehua Palace, Xiao Jinyu was teaching two ladies-in-waiting to write. The two ladies-in-waiting were shy and looked like they were imagining things.
As soon as Feng Yun stepped into the door, Xiao Jinyu raised his eyebrows and shouted "Sansao …"
Fengyun handed the cake to Xiao Jinyu before she looked pale. "Help me see if there is any medicine in it!"
Xiao Jinyu nodded, wrapped the pastry in a light blue handkerchief, and walked to one side of the room to crush it and check it up.
When Xiao Linchu came back, Feng Yunqing was still in the palace. He was not happy when he went to dye Moxuan and couldn’t find Feng Yunqing.
The chestnut fried with sugar, which he bought specially for a long time, is still on the side, and he is not happy to sit there and wait.
From the hot chestnut to no trace of temperature, Xiao Linchu began to get impatient and get out of the ink-dyed porch. He was going to ask someone about the phoenix cloud.
Haven’t found the servant girl at first, but I saw Fengyun coming to meet the moonlight.
She looks a little pale and pretty, with a touch of moonlight and light reflecting the deep blue luster, which is particularly lonely in such a silent night.
He sighed and twisted his eyebrows and looked at the nearby preoccupied phoenix cloud.
Feng Yunqing saw him with a slight Zheng when he was a few steps away from him, and then a perfect smile appeared on his face, "xianggong …"
She came towards him.
Xiao Linchu frown "not let you darling stay in the palace? Why go out and run around again? "
Fengyun frowned and smiled a little lonely. "I went to the palace when I was free to chat!"
Xiao Linchu nodded don’t talk stretched out his hand and pulled the Fengyun light hand "have a meal? Why are your hands so cold? "
Fengyun bit her lip and said, "I’m not hungry!" "
Xiao Linchu looked back at her. "What’s wrong with you? Is it uncomfortable? "
He paused and reached out to test the temperature of her forehead, and then tested it on his forehead. "It sounds normal!" "
Fengyun light far-fetched smile "you don’t want to catch a group of bandits from Mobei late? Hurry up and get busy. Don’t delay your business in Wangfu! "
Xiao Linchu thinks that Fengyun is not right. Yesterday, when she heard about it, she was still excited and cried out to go with him to catch the rogue. Now she urges him to leave quickly?
He was surprised to see her. She didn’t talk, which was far-fetched. She smiled and the water flowed in her eyes.
He she knew that he and Zhang Qianqian went to see Zhang’s adult after leaving today, and she didn’t want to explain more. "I ordered the kitchen to get something to eat. What do you want to eat?"
Fengyun shook her head lightly and said, "Whatever! I’m not very hungry!"
He nodded and looked like Nai took her hand but couldn’t help tightening it a few minutes.
In fact, the kitchen has already prepared dinner, and Xiao Linchu has been telling them to wait for Fengyun to be light, and they will put the food in the heater to warm it. At this moment, Xiao Linchu told Shengfeng to file out the food in the hands of the girl.
Fengyun light really has no appetite. Xiao Linchu will pick himself off and habitually put him in her bowl without eating.