"Even if you fight the country, you will definitely end up in a tragic field in the future!"

"You, your partner, your department may not even be able to keep your own elixir!"
"I am a living example!"
He tried his best to persuade the sincere feelings to make people cry, and he had to think about how cruel that leaf was with the wind!
"It seems that you said the same thing to those who opposed the Tianluan Temple and the Ye family?" Suddenly asked the woman in front.
Feng He lowered his head and said, "What I said is true!"
"Don’t take it to heart, but don’t regret it when you are killed by the leaves!"
The wind is getting stronger and stronger.
Suddenly the woman smiled.
"Do you know who I am?" She asked.
Feng He nodded. "I know that you are the great owner of Tianluan Temple, and you have been amazing in recent years!"
The woman shook her head gently.
"My name is Ye Huang Ye Feng Nv!"
"I don’t think my father will do anything to me?"
Feng He suddenly looked up, and the sun was flickering. At some point, he finally saw her face.
Yan peerless!
But let him into the freezing cold.
A flash of sword light
A head is thrown high
Ye Huang closed his sword and set up a monk in the golden elixir period, which was like an ant in front of her.
It’s easy to kill him
Chapter 1 Cloudy sky
"dong! Knock! Hey! "
Three bells rang through Yunxiao City.
Everyone in the city knows that this is the opening bell of the monthly meditation meeting of Tianyuan.
But this clock also mark something more important.
Spirit rain is coming!
Six years ago, Ye Jia rebuilt Yunxiao City with great fanfare.
At that time, many people didn’t know what this meant.
However, when the first spiritual rain came, everyone was completely shocked!
On that day, the sky was full of auspicious clouds, and the Millennium trees swayed with the drizzle and revived!
Several birds kept circling around Yunxiao City, and the beasts knelt on the ground and faced Yunxiao City like a pilgrimage.
The earth is full of vitality, with trees, birds, fish and insects enjoying the dew.
People’s hearts are sad. Is that a blessing from heaven for the whole life?
But soon they found that the spiritual rain fell into the sphere of influence of Yunxiao City.
And it’s the center of Yunxiao city slowly spreading out.
People have exclaimed that this spiritual rain is Ye Jiasuo?
The next day, this guess was fixed.
A huge rain order appeared in Yunxiao City, detailing a monthly spiritual rain, a March metamorphosis rain, an annual spiritual rain, a life rain every three years and so on.
And this rain order is signed by Ye Jia’s main leaves with the wind
People in the territory of Yunxiao City understand that all the founders are the ones who say what is right!
Looking at that shining rain made people kneel on the ground.
It turns out that it’s not grace, but Saint Ze.
From that day on, the name Ye Sheng began to flow in the crowd.
In Yunxiao city, the name is a belief and a taboo, and no one can offend it!
It was also from that time that the Tianyuan opened its doors wide and accepted apprentices, becoming the most influential in Yunxiao City except Ye Jia.
Three bells slowly dissipated.
A drizzle came as promised.
A thin figure in a pale blue gown stood by a shallow pond and watched the lotus flowers swaying in the rain.
Colorful carp swim happily around the lotus roots and pop out from time to time.