After the appraisal, she turned to leave.

With a little banter, she was caught by a man just after falling on her fragile little arm-
Cough Cough Recently, one night, I watched the celestial phenomena and counted the natural disasters. There are many hungry girls everywhere! Think twice for the benefit of Zhongliangjin, saying that meat will be filled with big fish and big meat, fat and greasy, and have a full meal!
But can it be that welfare knows how to start? Don’t understand? Drag it out and behead it—
Section 25
☆, 22 meters, he kissed unexpectedly.
The man’s grasp in Bao Qi’s heart has added a handful of firewood.
She shook her hands angrily, and her eyes were poisoned with water. "Hey, are you sick? Why are you pulling me?"
"Wow, you want to run away after hitting Master Jiu?"
Shit! Who hit who? Black in broad daylight is said to be white.
Turn over a big white eye treasure at him and squint at the corner of his eye with disdain. "Ya’s method of hitting on beautiful women is too old-fashioned …"
"Ha ha ha … are you a beauty?"
Got a quick laugh, but nine looked at her with disdain, painted with thick makeup like a thick cake, and swept to her altitude without expanding her chest, making sharp comments.
"Dinosaurs! Airport! "
"Before! You are handsome, your cow is just a careless bag in the cow’s stomach! "
I miss him, Master Fang, stepping on the wealth on the soles of your feet, sleeping in romantic circles, crawling and growing up. When a woman sees him, she doesn’t follow her living ancestors and comes crying and shouting.
This chick is good enough to call him a loser?
If you can’t swallow his handsome face in one breath, it will become more and more ugly. "Dare to take the words and slap you?"
"Believe a fart! Come, come, smoke! If you don’t smoke, you are my grandson! " Dressed in the waiter’s clothes and arrogant attitude, it seems that the CEO of this hotel has dragged 20 thousand to 50 thousand
The lip line is straight, but Fang Weijiu hates the root itch but can’t stop.
Actually, that’s what he said. Master Fang has a lot of passion for jade, and he really hasn’t smoked a woman
At that time he was in distress situation.
In front of my little girl, a pair of big eyes flaunt youth and self-confidence, and she is free and easy and crazy, so she looks very rare and smiles unconsciously.
Stretching out his hand, he reminded her that "the dinosaur took off makeup and showed it to elder brother-"
Typical flirting!
Who is Ke Baoqi? Little rascal, is she a flirt? She is better than anyone!
She retaliated by standing on tiptoe and hooking him with a beautiful arc. "Take off your pants for me, straw bag?"
"Yes, you help me." Fang Weijiu Gherardini. He plays with his daughter all day. How can it be an oil lamp?
In his smug scorn, Bao Qi teased him and picked his eyebrows. He smiled innocently … He hung his fingers slightly and slid all the way along the neckline of his shirt, slowly approaching his belt …
Fang Weijiu’s heart is full of chicks. How dare you?
Doubt line of sight hung down when she bowed her head to reveal a neck as white as suet, and his eyes were a little blurred …
Smile, Bao Qi quickly took out his mobile phone and "clicked" on his crotch, so one person just rubbed back.
"Sun the birds …"
Have you been molested? ! In a romantic situation, Master Fang overturned the boat in the gutter and was shocked …
With a sly smile, Bao girl looked at the mobile phone screen and blew a whistle at the right mass. Someone took the opportunity to slip away.
Come to my senses, Fang Jiu quickly pulled up her pants and grabbed her little vest before taking a small step.
"Playing tricks on nine ye still dare to run! Girl, you’re dead! Bring the mobile phone-"
Treasure girl born back long bone girl side waiting for an opportunity to escape side smile happily "beautiful you? No way! "
Looking at her, her thick makeup blooms, her pure smile is only nine, but her hands are clinging to her.
"Let her go!"
As soon as the dangerous and gloomy low drink fell on his arm, he was pulled by a strong force and pushed by the trend.
He slammed into the wall and the woman in his arms fell into someone else’s arms.
"Fuck!" When he looked up, he looked up at a pair of ice-like eyes
The blood suddenly cooled.
That kind of feeling is like being stared at by a poisonous snake.
Ya pi ya pi ya pi is Fang Wei’s nine personalities!
He looked at the man and held the little girl like a bully. He smiled and joked, "Hey, it turned out to be an owl." What, did you see this girl too? "
Poor Fang Jiu was badly hurt before he could close his fist.
Come or not, this time, he was beaten and fell on his face.
"Fang Jiu-"gave a low look at my arms Gherardini little girl Lengxiao looked extremely ugly and cold like hell to make the seemingly cold tone very slow and warned slowly.
"Are you tired of my cold family?"
Cold family …
All right!
In fact, Baoqi prefers to hear him say that I am cold and fierce!