Because there is no qualitative change between the opposite drill and you, it is difficult to show that you are ahead of the overall situation when you are on the line.

Therefore, this will create an illusion that even if the stage is not as good as others, you don’t feel weaker than others! The diamond segment has strict requirements on technology. If you react quickly, it is not difficult to reach a higher diamond segment.
"The big tree-based trick is to first bind the enemy with W and throw an E sapling in the same place. Finally, the Q skill can shake the enemy away!"
First, I taught Wang Jiahui the skills of stone men, and then the second one was Liu Haodashu.
There are not many tips for stone men and big trees, but most of them are based on something.
More is that they need to practice! It takes a lot of practice to grasp the advance and retreat of individual heroes.
The werewolf is even simpler. This hero is almost the most brainy hero in the League of Legends. The only thing that Ye Feng gave to Lin Yanheng was that Lin Yanheng could press the R key the first time when he told the goal in the team battle!
Chapter 44 Slow down!
Then after Ye Feng taught everyone some skills, it was a lot of practice.
While the night maple is still in double row with the two people who will wait for the earthquake!
"If we can reach the final, I have to play single position, and then I have to let consumption help you."
In the voice, the night maple and the earthquake will talk
Ye Feng has two plans for this competition.
The first is that he always plays the auxiliary position in the previous preliminaries, but there is also a fatal place for him to play the auxiliary position, that is, he gives all the output of the team to the earthquake waiting body, which is very risky.
If it is said that the earthquake will be the world’s first ADC in the LPL stadium in the future, then he will definitely not have the slightest worry and can directly find a posture to prepare for winning.
But now the earthquake will obviously not grow to that point!
So if they can make it to the final, Feng can’t play auxiliary again that night, but has to take on other output positions.
The only choice left for him is the single one!
"When the time comes, the most important thing for us is to change the line! Never line up with the opposite road "Yefeng Road"
Although it is still far from the game, Ye Feng still assigned tactics to every player.
The earthquake will obviously know the skills, and he will be white after what Ye Feng said.
Then every day, in addition to Lin Yanheng’s crazy practice of telling their heroes by Ye Feng, they also played more and more rankings in China.
The tacit cooperation between the two people rose rapidly.
It’s Friday in a flash.
"How did I participate in the competition with so many teams?" Qilin internet bar Lin yanheng surprised way
Today is the deadline for registration and the team draws lots to decide the opponents. Of course, there are many Japanese people.
"Where’s the ghost girl? She’s going to keep me busy." Dong Luoyan is really busy these days. The competition was held. Indeed, her Internet cafe brought many guests, but she was busy and never heard of it.
"I’m not here to pick up a friend of mine. Let me introduce you to my sister Dong Luoyan, who is also the owner of this Internet cafe. This is my friend Zhao Junyao, the captain of a line team." Dong Kexin’s sister and friend introduced.
"Hello Dong Jie" To be honest, Zhao Junyao was a little disdainful when he knew that Dong Kexin was going to hold a game in her sister’s Internet cafe. What’s the point of holding a game alone in an Internet cafe? How many people will attend? If it weren’t for the pursuit of Dong Kexin, he, a captain who is preparing to attack the first-division team, would definitely not want to come to this kind of competition as an explanation.
However, he didn’t expect that when he stepped into the Internet cafe, more than a dozen teams had already started waiting for the lottery, so many people took part in the competition.
"Hello, since you are a friend of Xiaoxin, you’re welcome to make yourself at home." Dong Luo Yan looked at her sister and looked at Zhao Junyao as if she were looking at something.
Dong Kexin was uncomfortable with this vision and hurriedly pulled Dong Luoyan aside. "He is just an ordinary friend I called to explain the game. Why do you seem to be watching your brother-in-law?"
Looking at Dong Kexin’s dissatisfaction, Dong Luoyan smiled mysteriously. "I think this Zhao Junyao seems to be interested in you. Oh, the team is already waiting. Let’s hurry up."
The network management on the first floor is reading the rules of the game to each team.
"The competition area is a pioneer in the network four fears, which was indicated ten days ago, and it was delayed for ten days when signing up, partly because we had enough time to practice the number."
"… Rule 7 of the Competition Rules: During the competition, you are not allowed to swear at will, make provocative actions, or violate discipline, and you will be disqualified from the competition …"
"… Article 12 of the rules of the competition. Since the total number of participating teams exceeds the reasonable counterpoint arrangement, two teams will be selected by lottery before the official competition. The winner will compete with the other fifteen teams for the championship, and the loser will be eliminated directly. This is all the rules of the competition. Now, please send a representative from seventeen teams to draw lots to select two knockout teams first."
The network administrator of Qilin Internet Cafe read all the rules of the game through Mike.
Among them, the most surprising thing is the knockout before the official competition.
However, Internet cafes are ready to draw lots to decide a knockout before the official competition starts, which is fair and there is no objection.
"I’m going to draw lots, young master, and my hand will definitely draw the best sign." Lin Yanheng was forced to stay out of the way
Of course, no one will compete with him for the lottery.
"Night Maple Side" Suddenly night maple heard the familiar sound. Ji Xiaonan was waving to him. Night maple looked around and found that the main players of the competition club also came to Kirin Internet cafe and Xu Wei’s eyes touched slightly. Both sides gently nodded their heads to say hello.
Seeing Xu Wei’s night maple eyes lit up, Xu Mengxi wore a long green dress today, and her hair band was circled at random. It looked beautiful and full of vitality. Xu Mengxi was stared at by the color of night maple and bowed her head. I don’t know what she was thinking.
"Hum! Overcapacity "a cold hum night maple even if you don’t go to see also know that it is Li Yuanjun sound.
"Wow, Ye Feng, you also formed a team." Ji Xiaonan skipped after entering the competition club.
"Yes, just play and senior Ji Xiaonan will give me a good guidance." Ye Feng deliberately made an exaggerated expression.
Ji Xiaonan heard that she was embarrassed to go around her fingers and lower her head. "I can’t do it. Sister Mengxi is the expert in data analysis. She is better than me."
"It’s all bad, it’s all bad …" Ye Feng didn’t expect a word to make Ji Xiaonan feel embarrassed. He felt a little cold when he suddenly turned around and shouted "Slow down!"
"What’s the matter?" Lin Yanheng’s unwrapped paper in his hand is a little puzzled. Looking at Ye Feng, I haven’t opened it yet. Is it so big?
"The sign has been drawn out and cannot be changed. Please open it on behalf of the’ Five Masters Team’!" The webmaster said goodbye coldly and tried to play some conspiracy under my nose.
"It’s all right! Open it "night maple like water-deficient vegetable seedlings drooping head.
"Shit!" Five seconds later, Lin Yanheng was surprised and called!
Chapter 45 Wind incarnation
Lin Yanheng opened the toilet paper and it was a blood-red’ war’ word!
Beside that font, there are many lifelike hero’ heads which look bloody and magnificent.
"I’m not so unlucky, am I?" When Lin Yanheng opened it, he saw the word "war" and immediately faded. Because he drew this word, his team would be selected for the knockout.
Ye Feng never imagined that Lin Yanheng’s luck would be so bad that he couldn’t come when he knew first.
"It’s not a bad thing, is it? After all, the five of us haven’t played together yet. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to run in a lot before meeting a strong team." It’s said that the earthquake will be cool.
It has been confirmed that he and Ye Feng have been playing games with five people in double rows since the team was formed, but it has never happened before.
"I have another one here" and soon another team confirmed it.
"Very well, then the knockout before the official competition will be held in the’ Five Masters Team’ and the’ Nightmare Team’. The winner will enter the post-war list and the loser will be eliminated directly! The game will start in an hour. "All this has obviously been fully arranged in Kirin Internet Cafe.
"Aren’t you lucky?" JiXiaoNan stared at him obviously like night maple.
"It’s not necessarily a bad thing to play first. The teams behind are all strong teams. It’s not good to lose too ugly." Li Yuanjun said coldly.
Ye Feng looked up and saw his one eye. "What, is Senior Li afraid of not seeing my brilliant girl?"
"It is the most important thing that you can’t win the game." Li Yuanjun sobbed out a few words from his teeth.
It takes an hour to prepare for the game, which seems like a lot. In fact, a little arrangement of some tactics will soon pass. Feng didn’t talk to Li Yuanjun more all night.
"The venue is on the second floor, but friends on the first floor are not worried that the explanation seat is located on the first floor," explained the Internet cafe member.