This red-haired and squinting woman is the biggest and strongest Loki goddess who led Euler Li.

"Well, what should be a happy thing to be confessed? Say that Riviera sauce makes you attractive."
Loki said with such a grin, drank a glass of wine and then showed some strange expressions.
"I didn’t expect … is that little girl actually a family member of Hessia? Or that fool of Hessia, she actually found a family member. This is really surprising."
Such a soliloquy underestimated it, and immediately it was like making a decision. Loki raised his glass and faced Rivera.
"It’s decided that Rivera should accept the little confession boldly and then play with his feelings. When he is dead set on leaving you, he will be gorgeous and get rid of him directly!"
"God’s adult please self-respect! What strange things are you talking about! "
"It’s not strange. I’m serious! Confuse that guy Hessia’s family so that I can laugh at the goddess of exploding breasts! "
Rivera’s face looks like a headache. Does it seem that she left a problem when she was in the divine world? But even if you want to retaliate, you have to make yourself so ashamed!
Playing with other people’s feelings or something … Ah, ah, even if it’s a joke, Lord God, this is really too much!
"Hey, hey, Bert, that guy has already left. When do you want to wait on the ground?"
When Lord Loki, the main god of the family, began to make noise at the dinner table, others wondered what Bert had not got up from under the table yet.
Even if I drank too much wine and fainted because of my anger, I wouldn’t lie on the ground for so long, would I?
Thinking of this Loki family adventurer as soon as possible, he reached out to help Bert fall down on the table.
However, the moment his palm touched Bert’s body, it was because of a piercing pain that he released his palm.
"What happened to that guy Burt?"
I noticed this abnormal scene. A teenager who looks young in Loki’s family asked, although he looks like a child, in fact he is the commander-in-chief of Loki’s family and is relied on by the members. The head of the team is very good.
And the small Terran, his age is far from what he looks like. Although he looks like this, he is actually over forty years old.
"Colonel Finn … Bert, Bert, he’s cold and scary!"
The adventurer was so shaking that he just simply touched him and felt like he was frozen. Up to now, the chill has not subsided.
"Um … what’s the matter?"
The Lord God Loki also stopped drinking and gathered around Bert to observe it.
The orc youth lay on the ground with his eyes closed. His face was pale and terrible, and his face, hands and feet were exposed to the air. I don’t know when a layer of light frost attached.
Loki frowned slightly and reached out to gently touch a frost on Bert’s palm, which spread slowly along Loki’s hand like a greedy snake. The goddess quickly shrank her palm back.
"Magic … or ice magic!"
Seeing Burt’s physical condition, Rivera frowned slightly and immediately used the healing magic for the first time.
"How … how can not? !”
But to Rivera’s surprise, her magic can’t heal. When she touches Burt’s body, she disappears, as if she had been swallowed up by something.
"Don’t make a move, Rivera. This magic is weird. It will absorb magic and strengthen itself!"
"What’s the matter … Bert exactly when the trick? !”
The members of Loki’s family were puzzled for a while. They didn’t encounter an ice enemy on their expedition today. Then Bert hasn’t fought with any adventurers who hold powerful ice magic until now, has he?
And in this maze city, Olay, is there really a mentor who can plot against Bert Ice in front of so many powerful LV5 adventurers?
Riviera suddenly found out that I didn’t know when Wallenstein had disappeared while all the family members in Loki were making a plan.
Ace, where did she go? Is it …
Rivera suddenly remembered that if anyone had a chance to plot against Bert, Ye Yu had slapped him at that time.
How can … I didn’t notice the magic fluctuations, and … Ye Yu’s strength is LV1, which is not wrong.
Even if an LV1 is a genius, how can he hurt LV5 Bert?
Anyway … Esther must have found something, or she wouldn’t have left without saying a word. Go and find Esther first.
Rivera thought so without saying a word and got up to leave.
"Hey … wait for Rivera, where are you going?"
"Go to Ace. Maybe she found something?"
Riviera said this and everyone noticed that Wallenstein didn’t know when he disappeared.
"Wait, I’ll go with you. You keep an eye on Bert and don’t move him casually, you know!"
So told to the family as soon as possible, Loki chased Rivera and left the wine field.
They may not know what happened, and they think Bert was blindsided by someone unconsciously, but Loki saw an acquaintance with Bert’s frost, a figure that should no longer be Euler Li.