Zhou Hanhan ignored it.

Zhou Hannan laughed coldly. "You can’t hold you with hard wings, can you? Ok, if you don’t come back and try to be old, you’ll have someone destroy your secret base! "
Hearing this, Zhou Hanhan was really anxious. "Dad, that’s my territory!"
"Hum in the imperial city this piece of land, but with troops, weapons are old turf is not you still live well, do you want to take? No way! "
"Dad …"
"I’ll give you half an hour to hear from you, or don’t blame me for not caring for my father!"
There, I hung up neatly, and I was so cold that I wanted to drop my mobile phone. Zhong Hanlin quickly stopped, "Calm down, this mobile phone is specially customized. If you want to drop it, drop me."
Said really take out yourself to pass.
Zhou Hanhan swept his eyes and stretched out his hand to get Zhong Hanlin. He was so scared that he hurriedly dodged the bitter face and groaned. "Did you really fall?" My mobile phone is also expensive. The latest model of the year is also set with diamonds … "
Zhou Hanhan grumpily kicked him, and his heart was annoyed.
Zhong Hanlin hid his mobile phone and carefully approached him and asked, "Is the general angry with you?"
Zhou Hanhan took out a cigarette case and pulled out a Zhong Hanlin. He was busy with clever help. He took a drag and exhaled again, but he was still upset when he was lazy.
Zhong Hanlin scratched his head. "It’s really hard to do such a thing, but I think you’d better listen to the general?"
"You want me to compromise?"
"It’s not a compromise, it’s a temporary bow. You didn’t also say that your heart can’t be controlled. Then you can hold your legs for the time being. General Bai’s words are still reasonable. Hello, after all, you really don’t …" The words Zhong Hanlin dare not say, of course.
Zhou Han is as cold as a mirror, but what can he be? If so, he can’t wait to have never met her, so he won’t be embarrassed by all kinds of complaints and jokes in his face.
When he is willing to be so worthless?
"Gong, you’d better go back to the imperial city. The general has always kept his word. I’m worried that he will really do something to the base. Then your hard work over the years will not be destroyed?"
Zhou Hanhan took a few mouthfuls again, and then his feet were severely twisted out to squeeze out the words "Clean up the Imperial City once"
Smell speech Zhong Hanlin exultation "is the male immediately I’ll prepare"
It was a second when he jumped for joy and froze in his face. He listened to Zhou Hanhan and said, "Leave two people to watch here."
"ah? Really, don’t you give up? "
Weeks are not cold and cold. "Do you have an opinion?"
Zhong Hanlin shook his head.
Zhou Hanhan ordered again, "Find two clever people to hide from everyone’s sight, and I will know everything at the first time! Offenders are dealt with by military law! "
"… all right"
Warm didn’t know this. Soon after she returned to the hotel, she got the news from Wu that Zhou Hanhan and his party had left Beicheng. In addition to a sigh of relief, there was a sense of liberation. It was good not to be afraid of that Uber again.
This warmth also invited them to eat a big meal to celebrate. Of course, I dare not say that the genie left, but to celebrate the victory of the flag on the first day of the competition. No one in the Shenshi Martial Arts School or the Knights was eliminated, which made her very satisfied.
In order to avert suspicion, the Knights didn’t come, but the warmth made people send a table. Fu Feng and Fu Yu called to thank them, and they were happy with Fu Yun for a long time.
After dinner, a group of people went to Magic and A Dai’s room to have tea. That’s when it comes to the lottery. Fifteen knights came this time, depending on Fu Yunyi, which means that it is best to choose ten from these fifteen people and leave them for her to pass on the first day. Fortunately, most of them were drawn by weak opponents, five of whom were drawn by Qingyun and Zheng Jiaren, but among these five people, Fu Feng and Fu Yu were abused, that is, the other party.
Warm and relieved, if it weren’t for the people in Shenshi Martial Arts School, it would be hard to become brothers killing each other.
The three people in Shenshi Martial Arts School are also lucky, except one who touches Zheng Jiawu Hall. Everyone else is unknown, and there is no pressure on A Dai to win the championship. No matter who meets, it is the other side’s bad luck.
The atmosphere in the room was very pleasant and warm. Looking at A Dai, he smiled and said with emotion, "A Dai is afraid that this year’s martial arts competition will be the biggest black horse. The net is hotly debated. You are a celebrity now."
A Dai was chewing the food long ago when he was absent-minded and sniffed proudly, "That’s a must. Just look at my haircut and you’ll know, lucky strike. Don’t be too proud!"