RuXiaoNan noticed that as her hand got closer to QingMoyan, her human appearance became clearer.

That’s wrong …
"Wait a minute!" She suddenly took the blue ink yan arm pulled him away from Chaosroid.
Chaosroid figure blurred again.
"It really is" RuXiaoNan eyes a bright.
"What’s the matter?" Qing Moyan asked, "What did you do now?"
"You pay attention to see Chaosroid sample" RuXiaoNan carefully stretched out his hand near Chaosroid.
Because there is a circle in the house, Chaosroid can’t rush out of the circle, so Mo Yan is not worried that Chaosroid will hurt Ru Xiaonan.
As RuXiaoNan finger near Chaosroid figure clear.
"Did you see that?" RuXiaoNan asked.
"What?" Mubolun didn’t see anything.
"When I was near her, she was the closest to a human figure." She repeated and moved it again.
MuBolun noticed this strange change in Chaosroid.
"What is this?" MuBolun don’t understand
"Because she is chaotic, her strength comes from the surrounding environment. If you really promise her to ask her for physical contact, she will take the opportunity to become like you."
Mubolun was shocked.
"Become like us?"
Qing Mo Yan remembered that she was very similar to Jin Baihe before.
"Not the kui is a four fierce beasts cunning enough" MuBolun mercilessly.
Fortunately, Qing Mo Yan’s attitude has always been very firm, and she has never been in contact with Chaosroid. If she is really accidentally caught by her, she will not know how many people she is when she dies.
Chaosroid’s trick was exposed by Ru Xiaonan and he was furious.
She pounced on Ru Xiaonan and shouted "Kill you! Kill you!"
Chaosroid’s body was imprisoned by the flash of imprisonment in the circle of law.
Even if you know that the other party can’t jump on yourself, Ru Xiaonan is still conscious of taking a step back.
Stupid dog Chaosroid will not hesitate to go against RuXiaoNan.
As a result, it crossed the circle and threw Chaosroid to the ground directly.
"Stupid dog!" RuXiaoNan exclaimed a.
Green ink Yan conveniently encircled her shoulder to prevent her from rushing to save the stupid dog on impulse.
Just as the stupid dog tackled Chaosroid, something strange happened.
Chaosroid’s figure gradually changed, and finally his shape became as big as a stupid dog …
Ru Xiaonan opened her eyes in surprise.
In front of the three people, Chaosroid’s body turned into a dog with a stupid appearance. Some dogs are just white
"This … this is …" MuBolun hand forehead.
It turns out that this monster will become what creature it meets.
"She can’t even speak human words, can she?" Mubolun sarcastically.
If Chaosroid can bark, where can they get an interpreter?
"Stupid dog, come back quickly," RuXiaoNan urged.
The stupid dog didn’t obey, as if it were shocked by the sudden change in Chaosroid.
It stared at the white dog and sniffed at it.
Suddenly, he raised his front legs and put them on the back of the white dog.
RuXiaoNan froze.
Qing mo Yan is petrified.
Mubolun was forced.
Chaosroid became a white dog and screamed.
Stupid dog completed an epoch-making pioneering work in the first impulse.
In RuXiaoNan shoulder ghost car bird tearing voice shouted "the dog! Fuck the dog! Ha ha ha ha … "
Chapter 569 You turned out to be such a ShaoQing!
A Update the latest chapter of Shao Qing’s pet career in Dali Temple as soon as possible!
"Stupid dog, let that witch go!" RuXiaoNan urgent call in 1 Δ┡net.
Mu Bolun burst into tears. "I can’t let it go …"
RuXiaoNan wanted to rush forward, but was pulled back by the green ink face.
"Green Moyan Kaos will kill stupid dogs! Let them divide quickly!"
Qing Mo Yan tried to control the spasm of her mouth. "Mu Bolun said that it is right to be inseparable."
"What?" RuXiaoNan eyes wide open.
Mubolun turned away and dared not look at her side.
Ru Xiaonan was almost crying. "Chaosroid won’t hurt the stupid dog, will he?"
"No" green ink yan firm answer.
Mu Bolun managed not to vomit. It’s right that the injured party is a witch. Is the little girl wrong?
Green ink yan embrace RuXiaoNan waist "let’s go out for a while"
See RuXiaoNan staring blankly eyes green ink yan feel force "wait for them to come in"
"Can’t you really divide them?"
The last two words of "can’t" are almost biting their teeth.
Ghost car bird pointed smile "ha ha ha ha ….."
Green ink yan grabbed the ghost car bird neck regardless of its struggle to throw it out the door first.
The ghost car bird flapped its wings with laughter and flew and landed on the rockery in the courtyard.
They waited outside for twenty minutes before Mubolun knocked on the door with a straight face and let them in.
Stupid dog excited to swing his tongue and wanted to make out when he saw RuXiaoNan come in.
Blue ink yan RuXiaoNan block behind cold eyes swept past.