He reached out his hand and the broken bowl shone brilliantly, and then he disappeared with the broken bowl in a harsh red light.

Fengyun looked at all this in light horror, and Dou Feng was so angry that he gave a hard whip. "Let this old thing escape!"
She glared at Feng Yunqing. "It’s all you, you nosy woman!"
She shouted maliciously
That old beggar really has something to do with Xueluan Palace. If even the old beggar says that Fengyun is the real phoenix star, then it can’t be wrong.
She must kill Feng Yunqing.
Fengyun stepped back lightly and was shocked. Grandpa Fat wanted Fengyun to die lightly in front of his eyes by disappearing and shaking the guard in a hubbub.
Sitting in Linjiang attic watching all this MuHan knife-shaped eyebrows a wrinkly.
Standing beside him, before the guard drew his sword, "Lord-"
MuHan shook his head "sit tight and Xiao Linchu is coming …"
Guard MuHan moment not instantaneous staring at the phoenix cloud light.
Fengyun can retreat lightly and frown. "Dou Fengjiao, we have a grudge. Don’t make me shoot!"
Dou Fengjiao sneered, "I’m forced, like? Today, I’d like to see if you, Princess Chu, have something to make the king of Chu abandon the country! "
Fengyun bit her lips lightly, and cold sweat seeped from her forehead, and her cheeks hurt badly. She closed her eyes. "You forced me not to regret it!"
Dou Fengjiao, what trick does she want, but she listens to Feng Yun’s light cry, "Come on, Feng Xing, kill people in this street …"
She turned and ran away and ran to a crowded and busy place.
Lou looked at all this. Muhan smiled and looked at the escape.
Dou Feng was so angry that she gnashed her teeth. "Why don’t you chase her and kill her?"
Where are these people? Feng Yun’s light opponent, Feng Yun’s light escape. It’s like climbing over the wall. She fled back to the palace of Chu and then climbed over the wall.
Gasping, she patted her chest and listened to the noise outside. She smiled smugly. Dou Fengjiao can’t chase into Chu Wangfu to kill people, can she?
But she seems to be in trouble for Xiao Linchu again.
Who is that fat grandpa? It’s strange that Dou Fengjiao wants to rob a broken bowl in his hand.
She muttered and walked forward but bumped into a person. She stepped back and looked up only to see Xiao Linchu there.
He frowned. "What are you doing out of Dou Fengjiao without going to bed at midnight?"
"Know so soon?" Fengyun gently tugged at her braids and looked back at him. "When she was upset, she taught her a lesson!"
"It’s almost the same if she taught you a lesson. Does your face hurt?" Xiao Linchu stroked Fengyun’s lightly injured cheek.
Fengyun was slightly surprised. "You don’t blame me for provoking her?"
After all, the most popular person now is Dou Feng Jiao, and even Xiao Liancheng has to avoid her, let alone her.
Xiao Linchunai laughed, "Don’t be stupid enough to stop whipping for others!"
Fengyun frowned lightly. "So you’ve been following me. Why didn’t you come out and save me when I was chased all over the street by Dou Fengjiao?"
Xiao Linchu smiled and said, "I’m waiting for the man in white in Linjiangge!"
"What? In case people don’t shoot, you will watch your wife be killed by Dou Fengjiao? " Fengyun is not satisfied with stamping her feet.
Xiao Linchu heart "how? Aren’t you well now? "
Fengyun snorted softly. "What are you doing when you say you don’t like people and are always pestering them even when they go out?"
Xiao Linchu quietly looked at her seriously. "I didn’t say I don’t like you!"
Fengyun is so light that he snaps his fingers and says, "No double negation equals affirmation!"
She jumped up and said excitedly, "That means you like me. You like me …"
She laughed happily, but it hurt her cheeks and grinned with pain.
Xiao Linchu spoiled and looked at her with a smile.
She still looks good when she smiles, and hangs her head and frowns all day, just like a little old man. If he likes her and can make her so happy, he is willing to do his best. Chapter 15 I love Fengyun, so don’t disturb.
Chapter 15 I love Fengyun light, please don’t disturb
She still looks good when she smiles, frowning all day long and worrying like a little old man. If he likes her and makes her so happy, he is willing to try his best.
Her silly smile made him feel extremely happy. Looking at her skipping, his thin lips bent a beautiful arc and his long and narrow phoenix eyes were dyed with warm colors.
He stretched out his hand, and she consciously put her hand in his hand. He looked at her cheek and was shocked. The knife-shaped eyebrows wrinkled. "Don’t have a head-on confrontation with Dou Fengjiao?"
Fengyun curled her lips lightly. "You will help me teach her a lesson!"
"It’s not time!" Xiao Linchu understated it.
She walked towards Yuexuan with her head down, and he refused to let go of her hand and gently pulled her back into his arms.
She raised her eyebrows and squinted at him with big eyes. "Why?"
"What are you doing?" He looked at her funny.
Fengyun bit her lip lightly. "Some people say that women and outsiders are not allowed to enter the ink-stained porch. It just so happens that I have both of them, so I spontaneously go back to the moon porch!"
"Don’t see you so obedient!" Xiao Linchu gave her a white look and bent down to pick her up.
Her soft body suddenly fell into his arms, and her hands kept beating and laughing. "What are you doing? Let me go! Let me go! "
When he saw that she was struggling badly, he paused, looked down at the radiant female eyebrows in his arms and picked up a little. "After that, they all lived in Dye Ink Xuan, and they are not allowed to meet Xiao Jinyu privately with Xiao Liancheng and Xiao Mo!"
He speaks with absolute solemnity.
Fengyun pursed her lips. "Then you are not allowed to meet Zhang Qianqian again!"
Xiao Linchu looked at her with a smile. "Don’t worry, Sandy has left the capital!"
Fengyun is very happy. "Really? She’s never coming back? Was it my father’s idea? Or did she leave the capital on her own initiative? "
Xiao Linchu carried her away and didn’t answer her, so she put her arms around his neck and dangled in his arms. "Come on, is it her own initiative to leave or her father’s will?"
"Is there a difference?" Xiao Linchu glanced at her.
Fengyun nodded lightly. "Of course, there is a difference. If she leaves by herself, then no one will rob me after giving up on you! If she leaves on orders, there is no guarantee that she will come back when! "
He looked at her and found that he had neglected her in recent days, but her hands were getting heavier and heavier. Instead of losing weight, she gained a few pounds.
His arm shook impatiently and said, "Come on!"