"Abortion, I just came to see you when I knew it. A Qing, you don’t treat me like a brother. Please invite my classmates to eat and drink. Don’t ask me to lose our friendship for so many years. It’s really sad." Jiang Wen is not an open-minded person. Although there are jokes, it’s not over. It’s really a bit to blame Linqing. Chapter 345.

Since the second time in Zhao Erhu’s family and Lin Qing had a conflict, his contact with Lin Qing has gradually decreased. Jiang Wen is a conceited person. If it weren’t for Lin Qing’s brother Lin Yue, he could have turned against Lin Qing directly. Lin Qing saw that Jiang Wen felt that Jiang Wen was not a human being, and his sister was just estranged from Jiang Wen. I didn’t expect that Jiang Wen would run over to Lin Qing at this time. I glanced at Zhao Erhu and Zhao Erhu just looked at Lin Qing. For the first time, two men had something called tacit understanding in their eyes.
"Wen joked about abortion, although she has always regarded you as her brother, but she is already well educated with other men. I think she knows more truth, so the most simple truth will not be white." Lin Qing’s tactful words contain meaning. When Jiang Wen listens, Bai Linqing will naturally be dissatisfied with Jiang Wen’s random fabrication of trumped-up things to ruin his sister’s name, especially for fear that Jiang Wen will talk nonsense in front of everyone before he can preemptively say such a thing.
"A Qing, since abortion regards me as my brother, how can you be an outsider?" Jiang Wen’s face is a little stiff and the situation is different. This time, in front of his classmates, he still has scruples. Readers cherish their own names. Kuang Jiangwen flaunts his own people everywhere.
"In the end, it is not always necessary to avoid suspicion. Abortion has already forgotten that things must be persistent before."
Although they don’t know what Lin Qing and Jiang Wen played, they also saw that something was wrong. Listen to this. Does Jiang Wen have any intention to Lin Qing’s sister? Although Lin Qing’s sister is beautiful and gentle and virtuous, she has already married. Naturally, she can’t be involved with other men. After eating this meal, they and Lin Qing are much better, and they know more about Lin Qing’s willingness to intersect is to come out and make a circle to hold Jiang Wen away.
"Brother Jiang is famous in our college, but it is rare to come over and do some poems. I also want to ask Brother Jiang to give me some advice."
"Yes, Brother Wangjiang is generous with your advice."
Jiang Wen was taken away, and Zhao Erhu and Lin Yue were not in the mood to stay. In the afternoon, they helped Lin Qing to buy something. Lin Yue wanted to buy something, but he didn’t buy it yet. After Jiang Wen left, Zhao Erhu and Lin Yue also left in a carriage.
"Brother, do you have a carriage that comes to my house? You know it’s convenient to come back and forth to the city every day."
"I’ll go there when I know about the hospital holiday."
It’s been so long since I came out. Although someone is watching at home, I still don’t feel at ease when I’m not there. Lin Yue and Zhao Erhu hurried to buy things and drove the carriage back to the village.
When they got home, they were told that someone came to see them today, saying that it was an adult who was in charge of the family. More than one person knew that Zhao Erhu had gone out and went back to the city, saying that he would come again tomorrow.
Long-term workers said that after seeing Wu Qiang, things became clear. Wu Qiang helped Zhao Erhu deliver the goods to various houses for a long time, and everyone knew them when he saw the steward of each house.
"It’s Li Fu and several other people in the house who are in charge of the ingredients. As far as things are concerned, the house wants to renegotiate the contract with you so that you can continue the goods. I don’t know what your idea is, so let them come back tomorrow." Wu Qiang is still very appropriate to deal with these things, neither for nothing nor for offending people.
"Okay, I see. There’s nothing else today, right? What’s going on at the workshop?"
"Everything is fine. Everything is normal over there. Everyone works hard."
Wu Qiang left Zhao Erhu to discuss with Lin Yue the things that the governments want to order again. "What do you think of the daughter-in-law?"
"Presumably, Wei Fu didn’t get the ingredients from us, so the governments had to come back to our house. First, our family had to rush to produce goods from Jiang’s house. If we had to respond to the goods from these houses again, we were afraid that we were too busy. Moreover, although their practices were excusable, they didn’t fight for righteousness and our family didn’t even let you find out the truth for so long. Why don’t we delay them for a few days before they let you hang them? This will be replaced by you hanging them."
Zhao Erhu nodded. "So can we. Let’s hand over the goods that Jiang Fu wants first. This is the most important thing."
At the end of November, the goods to be sent to Jiangfu, Beijing, were finally ready. Zhao Erhu went to Jimintang to inform the shopkeeper Liu, and the owner had told the shopkeeper Liu to send someone to transport the goods to Beijing that night.
At the same time, news came from the capital. Zhao Erhu’s family-made ingredients were very popular in the capital, and they were brought back during the Jiangqi period. The Jiangfu was sent away in a few days, and some talents with status were assigned to some. Even the queen mother and the emperor ate and felt good about Lin Yue. This time, they sent this batch to the palace without entering Jiangfu, and then rushed to make a batch of Lin Yue. Of course, the quantity needed will be increased.
Lin Yue and Zhao Erhu got the news that Jiangfu still needed a large number of ingredients, so they went about their business. Now it’s already ten years ago, and it’s still necessary to spend time on the road. At most, they will drive the goods out of the workshop in 20 days. At the same time, they will expand the workshop and recruit a group of workers.
Lin Yue thought that her cheap mother came to beg her, but she refused, but because of this, many people in Lincun felt that she was unreasonable. Although Lin Yue didn’t care, she thought that her brother was always a Lincun person. This time, it happened that their family was short of people, so she went to tell her brother Lin Qing that Lin Qing was familiar with the situation in Lincun and would be responsible for their family. In addition, Lin Qing would be allowed to sell Lincun people one.
"Elder brother, please do this as soon as possible."
"Don’t worry, little sister, I’ll go home and get this done."
In addition, Yue4 found Zhang Chunhua and Li Xiaomei and asked them to go to Niangjia Village to recruit people and told them to pay attention to things. Zhang Chunhua and Li Xiaomei read Lin Yueru’s letter and gave them such an important thing. Naturally, they readily promised that "Moon Sister, don’t worry, this is for me and I will do it well."
"Yes, Sister-in-law, if you trust me so much, I will get things done. When I go back, I will tell my parents that the villagers are the most familiar with it."
Lin Yue arranged recruitment here, while Zhao Erhu was busy expanding the workshop and built more rooms next to the long-term housing. Chapter 346, Chapter 346
Most of the workers recruited this time are from other villages. Now the weather is so cold and it’s too dark to go back and forth early. Moreover, when it’s delayed, Zhao Erhu just took people to build several large rooms and make do with one room, so that dozens of people can sleep. Outside, he set up a big stove and six cauldrons. When the accommodation and food problems are solved, everyone can work.
"The owner’s neighboring village Geng Liu sent the stone mill and asked if it was sent to the workshop." Zhao Erhu was directing the workers to build a house and Liu Aniu came to ask.
"Yes, it’s sent there. After you take him to Fang, go to my daughter-in-law’s account. I have already told my daughter-in-law that she knows." Zhao Erhu’s side can’t take time off at the moment, so let Liu A Niu do it. It will be almost a day or two before the building progress is completed.
After the autumn harvest, there is nothing to do. The villagers can earn some money by working, but it is not so easy to find so many people in the village. Not everyone can find them and spend their food at home without doing anything. This time, I heard that Zhao Erhu’s family is still hiring people. Several villagers are very happy.
At this time, Zhang Chunhua and Li Xiaomei were also at their parents’ homes, helping Lin Yue to recruit Zhang Chunhua to stay at Zhao Erhu’s house for several months. This is not the first time that such a thing has been done, but it is the first time that Li Xiaomei has done such a thing. Because of fear of failing to live up to Lin Yuexin, Li Xiaomei specially consulted Zhang Chunhua before going home, which will make her parents run around at home.
"Mom and dad, you and the village chief agreed not to do this, but you have to help me do it quickly. It’s rare for yisow to trust me so much. I can’t screw up such an important thing."
"Don’t worry, girl, don’t you know what happened to your father? I have already agreed with the village head. The villagers all know that they will come to our house in the afternoon to sign up and help you get things done, so that you can win face in front of Zhao Erhu." Li Xiaomei, her father, Li Datong, said that the two of them just hurt her and asked for something. How can they not help themselves to do a good job?
"When recruiting people, you have to keep your eyes open. You can’t even have it."
"I said that your daughter has been told many times, and your father will remember to say that there is your mother and me. We have lived in this village for decades, and everything in the village will not let people get bored." Li Xiaomei’s mother Zhou Li’s sees that it is rare for her to handle things in such a positive way, but some things are also too nervous.
"I know you think I’m long-winded, but it’s the first time I’ve helped my sister-in-law to do things better, and then my sister-in-law can tell me something else. Otherwise, even if my sister-in-law values me no matter how much, this person still has to live up to her expectations. Now that our family is separated, we can’t get along with each other so much. We have to let my second brother and sister-in-law see me."
Speaking of the separation of Zhou Li’s family, I think of Wei’s face full of resentment and anger. "Distinguishing your mother-in-law Wei is not a good thing. I have never seen such a biased situation. You are still her cousin. At the beginning, I just looked at this layer and wanted her to take care of you a little before I let you marry Zhao. I didn’t expect that now Zhao’s first mother and brother are unreliable, but Zhao Erhu’s two benevolence and righteousness are so supportive. You should think more about them."
"Yes, the daughter Zhao Erhu is so helpful to you, and you have to know that somehow. Don’t understand how to make people lose their temper." Li Datong echoed his wife’s words and said that in his impression, his daughter has not been very sensible, so he told a few more words.
"Parents, I know that I am now a child. Where can I not know this? You help me to do this well so that I can give my second brother yisow a job." Li Xiaomei and Lin Yue became more and more close to calling Lin Yue and Zhao Erhu, and they were also very affectionate. Second brother yisow fell close to himself.
"Of course," Zhou Li walked over and saw the eldest daughter-in-law waving at her outside the door. It seemed that she had something to tell her, that is, she went out for a while and her face was somewhat reluctant when she came back.
Li Xiaomei frowned at her mother’s appearance. "What did your mother say to you, but what’s so difficult?"
"This?" Zhou Li’s hesitated to say it. She didn’t want to make it difficult for her daughter, but the eldest daughter-in-law begged herself here and thought about her family. If she didn’t help, she couldn’t say it.
Zhou Li’s daughter didn’t hide from "what’s the point of Niang? What are you doing so coyly? Is it true that our mother and daughter are still so different? Did Sister-in-law do something to make you unhappy? " Speaking of this, Li Xiaomei is somewhat dissatisfied
"Either your eldest sister-in-law is a virtuous person, which will make me angry, or your eldest sister-in-law wants to go to Zhao Erhu’s house with your eldest brother to earn some money to subsidize her family. I want you to help me ask if there is anything suitable for her to do."
As soon as Zhou Li’s words were exported, Li Xiaomei didn’t say anything, and Li Datong immediately disagreed. "I don’t agree with Zhao Erhu, who was fooling around, because he believed our daughter had given her the job and agreed on the recruitment conditions."
"But the eldest daughter-in-law is also thinking about me at home …"
Li Xiaomei heard that this is the way it is. "It’s not difficult for parents. I’ll just ask yisow later. If there is something suitable, let eldest sister-in-law forget it in the past. It’s just a question."
"That girl, please."
"Mom, I’m your daughter. Why do you say such heretics? Wait for my news."
Get things done in the afternoon. It’s getting dark with the recruitment list. Li Xiaomei is in a hurry to say anything to Lin Yue’s job. He won’t stay at home for one more night. He will soon get back to Zhao Village. Zhao Datong, the old couple, will see her so worried that it’s late. She’s alone in the road, so that big son can set up an ox cart to send people back.
Li Xiaomei went to the village and got into the bullock cart. "I won’t keep you when it’s getting late. You go home first and put things in my sister’s hand. I’ll remember to give her a message when I get there early."
"Ok, I’ll go back first. Be careful."
Li Xiaomei returned to Zhaojiacun and didn’t even rush home. He went to Zhao Erhu’s home to give Lin Yue the recruitment situation. "Yisow, what do you think I can do about this? This person is carefully selected by my parents. There is no such thing as stealing and playing tricks. Chapter 347
Look at Li Xiaomei in Yueyue, and you will know that she has a good heart and efficiency. Even Zhang Chunhua has not done a good job there. Look at this travel-stained sample. Obviously, she hasn’t gone home yet, so she has come to give her a job. Gee, there is a potential for work madness.
"It’s a good thing to do, and I’ll give you processing money later." Lin Yuexiao said that if things are done well, they should be encouraged.