Too cold hum a coldly said, "I’ll let you go today for the grandson’s adult’s sake. If I see how the palace will tidy up you again," I left my sleeves and went straight away with my entourage.

Grandson avoid wiping his forehead with cold sweat and walked up to Kelly and said to Kelly, "My dear, today I blame the old man for almost being a dear and suffering."
Kelly looked too far away and felt very strange and windy in his heart. Today, he should be peeling off his skin even if he doesn’t die. How could he let himself go so easily?
Kelly didn’t even think about it when she heard her grandson apologize to herself. Kelly hurriedly took his grandson and said, "What’s uncle saying? How can you blame you for this? No matter who will do it at this time, my nephew is unlucky today and just touched the ancestral temple. If it weren’t for his uncle’s intercession, my nephew might not be able to hide in the past."
Grandson bogey also looked too far away from the direction and said gloomily, "I’m too impatient, but I’m not bad-hearted. I can still listen to some old words, so don’t take it to heart, my dear nephew."
Kelly’s doubts in his heart are not solved, but now it seems that it is all right. Seeing his grandson constantly blaming himself again, he also feels a little guilty. He hurriedly said to his grandson, "Uncle, don’t blame yourself. Isn’t it all over? Let’s hurry. This matter is still waiting for uncle to arrange it."
Grandson avoid to see Kelly seems to have no gas, and this matter is urgent, so he stopped saying anything and hurried out with Kelly.
Kelly returned to his office and sat down and thought about it today. He hasn’t thought about it yet. Why would he let himself go so easily today? Is it really because his grandson is jealous of his intercession? Arguably, I won’t. Even if my eldest grandson is jealous of pleading for himself, I shouldn’t let myself go without any punishment!
Wang Ke was sitting there thinking. He saw Yang’s father-in-law come in. Kelly was a little strange. How long did he stay away from Comrade Li Er? Is this Comrade Li Er looking for something for himself again?
Kelly quickly got up and said to Yang Gonggong, "Is the grandfather looking for me?"
Father-in-law Yang looked anxiously and said, "Wang’s adult emperor asked you to go."
Kelly habitually asked, "What does the emperor want me to do?"
Just after Kelly said, I remembered that Yang’s father-in-law didn’t ask what it was every time he called himself. I couldn’t help but say bitterly, "My father-in-law won’t know anything. Let’s hurry and let the emperor wait."
Who knows that Yang’s father-in-law said there, "I don’t know that the emperor called Wang Daren, but this time I also guessed that some of them were too late in the imperial room and the emperor didn’t know what to say. The horse called us to call Wang Daren. I think the emperor must have been too angry with Wang Daren now."
Kelly couldn’t help hitching a horse when he heard this, and he remembered what happened just now. Is it just now?
When Yang’s father-in-law saw Kelly’s frown, he realized that his guess was not bad and hurriedly asked, "Are you really entangled with Tai Wang?"
Kelly sighed and said, "Father-in-law will talk to you as he walks. Is this a blessing or a curse? You can’t hide it, but it will come sooner or later."
Father-in-law Yang just followed Kelly out to the imperial house of Comrade Li Er.
All the way, Kelly told the story of what happened before and after. After listening to Yang’s father-in-law, Yang felt that Kelly was worried.
Kelly said all the questions in his heart. Grandfather Yang replied, "Wang doesn’t know that if this matter is handled by himself, it can be a scolding of Wang. If you want to punish Wang too much, even if it is a rod, you must go through the emperor and the inspector’s office to punish him according to my laws of the Great Tang Dynasty. If it is too direct, it is lynching, which is not allowed according to the law."
Kelly didn’t know what it was. He just said two malicious words but didn’t do it for himself. This is not that he spared himself too much, but that he knew too well that it was not possible to do so, not to avoid noodles for his grandson, but that he wanted to tell Comrade Li Er and let Comrade Li Er punish himself too early, but Kelly didn’t know that it was too much like telling Comrade Li Er.
If you tell the truth, you will definitely be punished. If you add too much salt and vinegar, maybe you can escape this robbery. Kelly made up his mind to make things clear when he got to Comrade Li Er. It’s just like telling Comrade Li Er that he can defend himself. Of course, this grandson must find his own testimony. Kelly believes that even if he says that Comrade Li Er doesn’t believe grandson taboo, Comrade Li Er will believe it.
Chapter 227 Standardized production
As soon as I entered the imperial palace, Kelly saw that Comrade Li Er’s face was pale, but he had not calmed down after his anger.
Kelly knew that if he brushed Comrade Li Er’s lamella at this time, it would be his own death. What he can do now is to slowly let Comrade Li Er get along with Li Er’s homosexuality, and he should pay great attention to his tone of voice, so as not to make Comrade Li Er feel uncomfortable, let alone stimulate him in a fierce tone, otherwise he would be in trouble.
Kelly carefully saluted Comrade Li Er and got up as usual after the ceremony, but he was halfway up. Before he heard Comrade Li Er call himself stand up, Wang Ke froze there and didn’t know whether to get up or kneel down again.
At this time, Comrade Li Er finally rang, but it didn’t tell Kelly to get up. "I didn’t tell you to get up. Who told you to get up?"
As soon as Kelly heard Comrade Li Er’s voice, he was scared and knelt down. Now Kelly is probably a little white. Today, this matter will not be good. If you can’t make it clear, it is estimated that you can’t walk out of this door today. Even if you go out, you must be dragged out by two left guards. As a result, it will be miserable if you think about it.
At this time, Kelly already knew that this was too Li Chenggan. He must have said it in front of Comrade Li Er. Otherwise, Comrade Li Er would not be so angry with himself as he wanted to be.
Kelly then Comrade Li Er said quickly, "The emperor didn’t want to get up. It’s really today. I’m afraid my grandson accidentally twisted his waist when he fell and pulled him. Now his back hurts!"
Kelly didn’t say a word, but it didn’t come out at all. It was as if he didn’t know that Comrade Li Er called himself here, and let Comrade Li Er know that today, Chang Sunji almost fell down. If it weren’t for his competitors, Chang Sunji couldn’t work for Comrade Li Er today.
And this sentence is also very meaningful, that is, tell Comrade Li Er that he is with his grandson today. What can I do for him? He has seen it. If Comrade Li Er doesn’t believe it, he can ask him to ask if he is lying.
As soon as Kelly’s words were finished, he secretly looked up at Comrade Li Er. Sure enough, at this time, Comrade Li Er was not as angry as he was just now, and his expression seemed to have eased a little vaguely. Kelly certainly knew that Comrade Li Er’s point was not his own, but because he heard that his grandson almost fell down.
Kelly didn’t guess wrong. Comrade Li Er forgot to call Kelly when he heard Kelly’s words at this time, and he thought of his grandson’s jealousy now. He didn’t think about Kelly. In his opinion, Kelly is still young, and there is no danger in this twisted waist. It will be fine in a few days. This grandson’s jealousy is different and old. If he falls out somehow, who will help him look after the house?
Comrade Li Er asked anxiously, "What happened? How could you fall?"
Kelly, of course, hopes that Comrade Li Er can tell what happened today without showing any trace. Otherwise, he won’t know what the whole thing will be like if Comrade Li Er doesn’t give himself a chance to defend himself.
Kelly told the story of going out from the imperial house with his grandson’s jealousy. After that, he said, "Although I saved my grandson’s adult today, I knocked him to the ground. If it weren’t for the grandson’s small intercession and his generosity, where can I see the emperor today? Now that I think about it, I still feel too broad-minded and it is really an example for us to learn!"
Kelly didn’t say a word behind this, but it’s okay to say that Comrade Li Er didn’t fight together and still learn from his example. Too often, he made himself very unhappy when he did everything. Today, he was too telling the truth, but I didn’t expect it to be like this. But Comrade Li Er couldn’t be sure that Kelly said it must be correct. It’s just a fabrication. After all, Kelly’s collision is a felony, and Kelly may also avoid the importance. It may be true or it may be that Kelly and his grandson met after the separation. It’s also possible that Kelly deliberately put the words together.
At this time, it can’t be said that Comrade Li Er is somewhat biased. In the end, this is too much for Comrade Li Er. No matter how ridiculous he is on weekdays, he is still very clever and obedient in front of Comrade Li Er. Comrade Li Er really doesn’t believe that he will be full of lies in front of his face to trick himself. After all, in his opinion, this is too much to have a vendetta with Kelly and don’t kill Kelly.
Now, the two men hold their own words. Comrade Li Er really doesn’t know who said it was true or who said it was closer to the truth.
Comrade Li Er was a little difficult, but he quickly explained it. Why don’t you call Chang Sunji and ask him? Today, the grandson taboo should be the clearest thing. Plus, he is a great uncle. Today, it is Kelly. In times of crisis, he has to be too close to Kelly on weekdays. In this case, the grandson taboo should not be partial to who can tell the truth. If you make it clear, you will know who lied or both of them lied, and you can handle it according to the facts.
Comrade Li Er’s own English decision has lost his anger just now, but he has shown his ease and pleasure.
Comrade Li Er asked Father Yang to invite his grandson to avoid him at once. He has something to ask him.
Kelly looked at Yang’s father-in-law and turned out before he said to Comrade Li Er, "Can the emperor get up and answer now?"
Kelly had guessed what it was for Comrade Li Er to call his grandson to avoid coming over, and he was too bold to call himself "little" and changed back to calling himself "minister"
Comrade Li Er took a look at Kelly, and his face turned black just now, but he still said, "Get up first, don’t kneel down later."
Kelly knows that this is Comrade Li Er warning himself not to lie to him, or his grandson will come later, and as soon as he tells the truth, he will have to beg for mercy again. Now no one here will tell the truth himself quickly, but it will not be so good for a while.
Kelly still has Comrade Li Er in his hand who doesn’t know the killer. Just now, he has promised not to pursue the matter. Grandson Ji and himself have heard it, but now it has come to Comrade Li Er. That is to say, when he told Comrade Li Er about it, he must not have said it, otherwise Comrade Li Er wouldn’t be so angry.
Wang Kebai, if you want to make it clear after the grandson’s jealousy comes, Comrade Li Er will understand what this is all about. If Comrade Li Er wants to punish himself, he can say what he said too much. At that time, I believe that Comrade Li Er can’t do anything to himself.
Kelly smiled and said, "The emperor won’t kneel if it weren’t for the emperor’s call."