This matter has more advantages than disadvantages for Mo’s father. Mo’s father naturally didn’t disagree. This time, he was determined to divide his family quickly. He lived with his eldest son Mo Xunping and the rest took their aunts out to rent a house. Although it was somewhat irregular, Mo’s father was determined to do so.

When the aunts in the government followed their sons, Mo felt that his body was suddenly light. After all, his sons were extravagant and their aunts were not thrifty. They could still find ways to help them, but he was responsible for filling their faces even if they were swollen.
Now, my aunts have all left with their children, and those children have grown up and can take up the responsibility of supporting their parents, so they can be less filial after him.
Those aunts were reluctant at first, but when they thought that their children were old enough, they could rely on them and soon put aside their sadness and ran to their new homes.
Mo’s father originally planned to split up and relieve his pressure. He hoped that he could become like Mo’s mother, but he didn’t want things to end after a minute at home, which was beyond Mo’s expectation.
The first thing is to point out that my aunt and her sons actually went to the government and changed their surnames to follow them back to their aunt’s hometown.
This mo father promised to find the door at once.
But the aunt and her son are also right. "Dad, our Mo family name has long been broken in this area. Do you really want to never get a wife?"
"Besides, my mother’s family is far from Beijing, where people don’t know about family affairs. Maybe I can find a good marriage and give you some big grandchildren."
In a word, it is unlikely to get a wife in Beijing. He will go to his mother’s house with his mother’s surname to see if he can get a wife.
Mo’s father didn’t expect to be so far away from his children even if he separated them. What’s worse, this brother is not a short-term plan. If he wants to get married there, he knows that the other party can’t go back to Beijing in the future.
"What? You are my son ~ "Mo’s father looked at this decision and felt that his mind was bloodshot and he was deeply betrayed by his son."
If you change your surname and leave him, what’s the difference between being born and not being born?
"But the master’s capital spending is too big, so we can’t live with those money roots in our hands. It’s better to go back to our hometown and spend money to buy some fields and be a rich man," said Aunt.
She can be an aunt to Mo Fu. She can’t have a good birth, but she’s never old, but she’s got a penny back.
Madam can change her daughter’s surname to inherit the family business, so she can also change her son’s surname.
"You, you …" Mo’s father was angry, but he also knew that the other party said that it made sense, and the capital cost was not small. "But that didn’t have to change his surname, did it? Is it still my grandson after giving birth to a child? "
Sun Suobi’s grandson is close because of the same surname.
"But sir, if our hometown is different from the capital, we will be bullied. Sir, even if you can’t shelter our mother, don’t you let our mother find her own way?" Aunt suddenly cried
This mo fu is completely speechless. He can watch his surname change and follow his aunt to leave Beijing. I don’t know if my heart suddenly hurts.
Is he wrong? Otherwise, why would these people be so filial to their aunt when they have his money in their eyes?
He doesn’t think that his son doesn’t know what it means to change his surname, but he did it anyway. Even if he is selfish, it means that his aunt is not light in his heart.
On the other hand, he was once again lightly abandoned as a father.
Wait, what did he say?
Mo’s father thought for a while before remembering that he had a daughter who took her mother’s surname, but compared with her son, her daughter is naturally not important, even her first daughter.
But now the first daughter seems to have become a son, but she is not even as good as her daughter.
It was Mo Fu who didn’t know that the blow to him had just begun.
Just like dominoes, it takes a little external force for the whole deck to collapse, just like Mojia.
Their problem is not that Mo Xunzhou created Mo Xunzhou. It is a little external force. What matters is that Mo’s family has a problem. Even without Mo Xunzhou, Mo’s family can’t always be calm.
Even if Mo Xunzhou didn’t return to Mo’s home, then Mo’s family had no enough financial support and was extremely distracted. It was only a matter of time before Mo Xunzhou left, but he was one step ahead of others.
Of course, it seems to Mo Xunzhou, a bystander, that Mo’s father has a different perspective from him, and he is still willing to immerse himself in false sweetness even if he knows that his sons have less filial piety.
But I don’t want to find a way out one after another with the separation of Mo’s father and son. The only thing in common is that I want to leave the capital. After all, the name of Mo’s family in the capital has stinked. If they still want to marry, it is impossible to do so in the capital.
Others can walk Mo Xunping, but they can’t. Add some words, and Mo Xunping doesn’t want to leave Beijing.
This makes Mo’s father feel better after being hit by his children one after another. "Son, you must be filial to your father!" " Mo Fu’s grasping Mo Xunping’s arm tightly is like grasping the last straw in his life.
Mo Xunping smiled slightly but didn’t refute it. Instead, he nodded, "You are my father. Who can be filial to you if I don’t filial to you?"
Don’t let him catch those younger brothers who run away and don’t want to be filial, or he will let them repay them with interest.
"Dad, do you know that now the price of salt in the market is rising again? We haven’t finished eating snow and salt and can change it into money again." Seeing that there are no other brothers around us, Mo Xunping no longer hides from Mo Fu.
Mo Fu’s smell speech is not a joy. His back is straight and many people clap Mo Xunping’s shoulder this month. "Well, my son is really promising. This means that our Mo family has already started to transfer."
In the past, the Mo family has been going uphill since they came back from finding a boat. Now, although there are some twists and turns, there are signs of getting up again.
"Yes, dad, don’t worry, I will expel Mo Xunzhou, the hoodoo and bring bad luck." Mo Xunping’s eyes flashed a dark light way.
He and Mo Xunzhou are brothers, which makes no sense. If Mo Xunzhou can become a royal, he will have to accomplish something.
If it is someone else, forget it, but that person is his own half-brother. Even if Mo Xunping knows that he shouldn’t, he can’t help but be jealous.
Anyway, Mo Xunzhou, a Xu, is not liked by all royal families, is it?
The business of soap, toothpaste and glass in Mo Xunzhou is running steadily.
Among them, glass sales account for a large part of the income, and it is said that it is only a large part of the reason and the palace.
At first, the glass Xiao Fengyu sent to the palace was a small batch, which could fit two or three palace glass windows for the female emperor at most, which was not enough for the palace with nearly 100 palaces and thousands of rooms.